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About us

Collectum is the link between salaried employees who have the supplemental private-sector occupational pension (ITP), the employers who pay the pension premiums and the insurance companies that manage the pensions.

ITP is a collectively agreed occupational pension that private employees receive in addition to their national pension. It is the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Council for Negotiation and Co-operation for Salaried Employees (PTK) that have negotiated the ITP agreement.

Collectum is independent

We are independent from all insurance companies and have no profit interests. We earn nothing from the employees choosing one company or another.

Our activities are financed by a fee that is charged on the premiums that employers pay. We strive to work cost-effectively and keep the fee as low as possible. The current fee is 0,7 percent and is capped at 450 SEK (approximately 45 euro) per year and is charged to the premiums paid by the employers.

Who are our customers?

  • Companies in private enterprise that have collective bargaining agreements* are obliged to take out the ITP occupational pension for their salaried employees. They do so through Collectum. The companies register the employees with us, we compile all costs and then invoice the company.
  • Companies sign collective bargaining agreements by becoming members of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise External link. or by signing a local collective agreement with a PTK association External link..
  • Private employees that work at companies with collective bargaining agreements shall have the ITP occupational pension. The employees receive information about ITP at avtalat.se External link., including what opportunities they have to influence their occupational pension by choosing company, form of savings and coverage for survivors.

At Collectum we ensure that the money the company pays for its employees is invested according to the wishes of the employee.

We choose the insurance companies carefully

On behalf of our owners, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and PTK, we procure the insurance companies that the employees can choose to invest their occupational pension with. We set high standards on good historic returns and low fees so the pension will become as high as possible.

Collectum is owned by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and PTK.

Contact information

Collectum AB
Postal address: SE-103 76 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46(0)8-508 980 00
Visiting address: Östgötagatan 12
Companies: Send a general question here
Insured: Go to avtalat.se External link, opens in new window.

Corp. ID no.

Collectums corporate identity number is 556636-1159

Call us

Companies: +46 8 508 981 00

Are you a private person?
Go to avtalat.se External link, opens in new window..

Phone hours

Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30

Postal address

103 76 Stockholm