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How to read your annual statement

Have you received an annual statement from us? Here we explain what the statement contains.

How to read your annual statement page 1

This letter contains information about your occupational pension for last year.

The amount above the bar gives a forecast of how large your ITP pension could be when you retire. The forecast is based on the assumption that you will continue to work until you are 65 with the same salary as now.

The red section shows how much of the forecast amount you have earned so far.

Page 2

In this table you find the most recently reported salary amounts per employer during last year. You can find all salary amounts under Mina sidorexternal link (in Swedish) on Collectum.se.

On this page, you can see the amounts that make up the bar on page 1. The right-hand column shows the forecast for how large your pension could be at 65. The left-hand column shows how much you have earned so far.
Good tips for before you retire.

Most people have either ITP 1 or ITPK, but if you have held multiple jobs in Sweden you may have both. Invest your pension.

Page 3

Here you can see the value development of your ITP 1 or ITPK pension that you invest yourself.

Before the premiums are transferred to your insurance company

  • Collectum's charge is deducted
  • the premium is deducted for family cover, if you have chosen this.

SEK 0 in a table cell means money is no longer paid to the insurance company.

Here you can see the change in value during the year. This can be positive or negative. Change in value can also relate to a change in the value of a fund unit.

The charge of the insurance company.

Policyholder tax is deducted from your ITP retirement pension every year. The tax is deducted at a standard rate which means that every year the tax is a specific percentage of the value of your ITP.

Amount of capital year-end.

Page 4

This information shows what you have apart from your retirement pension.

Read more about disability pension.

Page 5

Information about what your family can receive.

Read more about family pension.

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