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How to read your insurance statement

Have you received an insurance statement from us? Here we explain what the statement contains.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call us.

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Welcome to occupational pension ITP for which your employer pays premiums.

Here you can find information about what is included in your occupational pension

Your pension is invested in a quality-assured insurance with low fees. If you want to, you can choose where to invest your premiums. More information and forms are found on here.

You can also choose insurance protection for your family, indicating this in the form (see link to box B). More information about protection for your family.

Information regarding your employer and start date for your occupational pension.

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Your insurance protection includes more than your retirement pension and the additional insurance you subscribe to for your family. Click on the capital letters on this page for more information.

If you are hurt or have an accident at your workplace or on the way to or from your employment, then there is the possibility to receive compensation from Försäkring (TFA).external link

You can take contact with Trygghetsrådet external link(job security councils/transition funds) if your employment is terminated.

Here you can obtain information if you become ill.

This insurance provides your family with a one-off amount if you should pass away while you are still working (before you turn 70).

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Your pension is determined according to the amount paid in by your employer. The pension benefits are paid out you when you retire. Here you can find three examples calculated on the basis of various salary levels.

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