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How to transfer

If you want your earned pension money to be managed by a different insurance company than the present, you can transfer the money. The entire transfer takes between two and four months. You can transfer capital to the companies that are eligible.

Is it worth making a transfer?

Before you transfer your capital you should investigate whether it is worth it in your particular case. You must take a number of different things into account, for example the return the various alternatives might provide and the charges made by the companies. Contact your insurance company or one of the established and approved insurance advisors in order to obtain advice and assistance.

Future premiums are also transferred

If you transfer an active insurance, i.e. an insurance to which your employer is paying pension premiums, future premiums will also be re-directed to the new company.

If you want to cancel a transfer

If you change your mind, you have 10 days from the date you receive notification of the preliminary value of your capital from the insurance company. If you do not cancel within this period the transfer will be carried out.

If you wish to make a transfer or to cancel a transfer, contact Collectum at
+46 20 40 85 00.

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