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How the pension system works
    The ITP occupational pension
      What does Collectum do?
        What do you need to do?

          Your pension = your future salary

          Make sure you have an occupational pension

          Bearing in mind that people are living longer and longer, and may be retired for over 20 years, it’s important to start thinking about your pension during your working life. Your pension is what you will have to live on later in life. The occupational pension will be an important part of your total future pension.

          Keeping track of your pension

          Five tips to help you feel confident

          If you are employed and have an occupational pension, you don’t need to worry. The fact of the matter is you don’t have to do much either. Just checking your future pension a few times a year is a great way to counter pension worries. And you can also make various choices if you want to, such as where to invest your money, or you can choose cover for your family.

          Here are five tips to help you feel confident about your pension!

          The occupational pension is becoming a more important part of the total pension. That is because the proportion of the total pension made up of the public pension has decreased, largely because we are living longer. Does your employer care about your future by contributing to your occupational pension?

          Think about whether your family would need extra money if you were to die. If you think they would, you can choose to add repayment cover or family cover to your ITP.

          Find information about what you should consider here.

          You can decide how much of a risk you want to take and which insurance company you want to invest your money in. But you don’t have to make a choice – if you do nothing, your money will be invested in a pre-selected and high-quality insurance company with low fees.

          Find information about the various companies here.

          The more you know about your occupational pension, the more confident you will feel. Read more about the ITP 1 and the ITP 2 here. We also have brochures and fact sheets available in English that you may find useful.

          Find out about the advantages of working for a company with a collective agreement. Watch this film from PTK External link., one of the partners behind the ITP.

          The ITP occupational pension

          Do you have to make a choice?

          You don’t need to choose where to invest your ITP 1 or ITPK occupational pension if you don’t want to. Through our competitive tendering we have ensured that you get good pension insurance cover with low fees, even if you don’t make an active choice. What’s known as the default choice, which is also one of the eligible options, is a traditional insurance policy with Alecta.

          However, if you want your family to receive money after your death, you need to actively choose family cover and/or repayment cover for your ITP.

          Life events

          What happens if ... ?

          Various events at work or in life can affect your pension in various ways or give you opportunities or choices that it’s good to know about.

          You might become a parent, change jobs, decide to take leave of absence, or be offered a salary exchange. Or maybe you have been laid off or are approaching retirement age.

          On External link. (under Private, Your situation) you can read about what you need to know about the ITP occupational pension when various life events occur.

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