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I have children

I am the parent of children with no income of their own

If you want to cover your children´s financial security in case you pass away, you can choose a survivors cover (i.e. Family cover and/or Repayment cover. Your ancestors will get the money if you die. If you want the money to go directly to your children (and not your spouse, if you have one), you need to choose your children as Special beneficiaries. If you have ITP 2 and a high salary, Family pension is included. Only children younger than 20 years can receive your Family pension.

I have children with their own income

When the children are economically independent, it could be beneficial to eliminate the survivors' cover and ensure that you, yourself, receive a larger amount as your own pension. If you have ITP 2, and a high salary, Family pension is included. Since your children do not need your money, you can refrain from your Family pension to make your own pension larger.

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