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I have ITP 2 and I have a high salary

If you have ITP 2 and earn more than SEK 60,902 per month (equivalent to ten income base amounts), you can manage your occupational pension in various ways.

A. Keep ITP 2 for the entire salary

If you do not select another option, you will continue to have a defined benefit retirement pension for your entire salary. You also have an ITPK complementary occupational pension premium.

Since you earn more than SEK 45,676 per month, you will also receive premiums paid to the family pension in ITP 2, which your spouse and children younger than 20 will receive in the event of your death. If you want to you can opt out this family pension and instead redirect these premiums to your own ITPK.

B. ITP 2 for parts of the salary and alternative ITP

You and your employer can make an agreement about alternative ITP. This means that all premiums over SEK 45,676 per month will be placed in an alternative pension solution. Your alternative ITP can be placed in your ITPK or in a pension solution completely outside of the ITP plan.

This means a risk for you where the size of your pension depends on the development of your saved capital. The employer´s obligation is limited to paying the premium. If you have selected alternative ITP, you cannot change your decision. You can only change back to full ITP 2 (option A) if you change employment and the new employer has ITP 2.

The disability pension that is included in ITP cannot be moved to an alternative pension solution and remains in ITP.

Transfer to ITP 1

You can also agree with your employer to transfer to ITP 1. ITP 1 only consists of defined benefit retirement pension. ITP 1 works in the same way as ITPK, but the employer pays a premium corresponding to

  • 4.5 percent of your salary up to SEK 46,438 per month and
  • 30 percent of your salary above SEK 46,438 and up to SEK 185,750 per month.

If you choose to transfer to ITP 1, you can decide how your entire occupational pension should be invested. You do that in the ITP 1 choice. You have the same companies to choose from as for the ITPK choice.

If you have selected to transfer to ITP 1 you cannot changeyour decision. Only if you change employment and start working for a new employer with ITP 2 you can return to full ITP 2 (option A above) or chose alternative ITP (option B above).

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