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I work abroad

Are you still employed and paid by a Swedish legal entity when you are working abroad? Then your ITP applies just as before.

You also have an occupational group life insurance TGL and work injuries insurance (TFA, which is managed by AFA försäkring External link.) just as before. Moreover, your employer must take out medical expense insurance for you.

If you do not have the right to Swedish sick pay when you are working abroad, you will instead receive an extra disability pension through your ITP for long-term sickness (more than three months). When you work in Sweden, you receive your main disability pension for the salary you have above SEK 47,750 per month. But when you are abroad, you will receive disability pension also for amounts below this limit.

If you do not earn national pension when you are abroad, you can in some cases receive compensation for this loss through your ITP. Read more about compensation abroad.

When you are on leave from your Swedish employer and are working on contract abroad, in some cases you can be covered by the collective agreement. Talk to your employer about how they usually solve the pension issue in such cases.

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