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Retire at the normal retirement age

The normal retirement age is 66 if you have ITP 1 and 65 if you have ITP 2. As a general rule you have ITP 1 if you are born 1979 or later and ITP 2 if you are born 1978 or earlier.

To keep in mind

  • You can choose how you want your ITP pension benefits to be paid out. Contact the insurance company managing your ITP or ITPK pension premiums för more information.
  • You can also receive your ITP pension benefits in partial amounts, for example 25 or 50 percent.

What you need to do

  • If you want to retire at the normal retirement age, you do not need to contact the insurance company. They will contact you at a certain point in time prior to your retirement and request that you reply to questions as to how you want your ITP pension to be paid out – during five years, during your entire life or during a period between these two intervals.
  • However, you need to contact the Swedish Pensions Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten) External link. when you wish to receive your national retirement pension. This is not paid out automatically.

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