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What does ITP cost?

The calculation of retirement pension premiums for the ITP 1 and the ITP 2 differ. For the ITP 1, which is a defined contribution pension, premiums are a certain percentage of the employee’s salary. For the ITP 2, which is a defined benefit pension, premiums are calculated based on several parameters. The ITPK premium is a defined contribution pension just like the ITP 1, and is also based on a percentage of the employee’s salary.

You can easily calculate the ITP 1 or ITPK premiums, but you cannot calculate the ITP 2 premiums yourself.

What does an ITP 1 cost?
The retirement pension premium is calculated from the gross salary paid, which you notify us of every month from the moment that the employee reaches the age of 25.

The total premium for the ITP 1 includes the retirement pension premium as well as those for the disability pension and the waiver of premium. The premiums are based on the year’s income base amount and the price base amount.

What does an ITP 2 cost?
The retirement pension and family pension included in the ITP 2 are calculated by Alecta every month based on the employee’s age, salary, expected period of service and previously-earned occupational pension, as well as the current income base amount. Since the income base amount and salary change over time, this affects the amount of both the final pension and the premiums you pay. The premiums you pay should cover the pension as promised.

What does an ITPK cost?
The ITPK premium is equivalent to 2 % of the employee’s salary.

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