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Normally, employees born in 1979 or later have ITP 1. Employees born in 1978 or earlier have ITP 2. If the company has applied for and been granted ITP 1 for all salaried employees, ITP 1 may apply for everyone, regardless of their year of birth.


All employees aged 18 years and over have

From the age of 25, the employee also has

  • defined contribution retirement pension, which he or she can place in the ITP choice. In the ITP 1 choice. They can also add family cover and repayment cover that can give the family compensation in the event that the employee dies.

If the employee leaves his/her employment before age 65, then your payments cease. The employee's disability pension also expires. The retirement pension that the employee managed to earn will be disbursed when he or she retires.


All employees belonging to ITP 2 have

If the employee earns more than SEK 557,250 (7.5 income base amounts) per year, he or she also has family pension, disbursed to the spouse or registered partner in the event of death. If the employee leaves before age 65, disability pension expires. The retirement pension and the ITPK that the employee has earned, is disbursed when he or she retires.

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